What sets Mr Anthony Fok apart from other tutors?

Mr Anthony Fok is highly regarded as a top economics tutor in Singapore. He has been featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as “one of the five most sought-after tutors in Singapore” in 2008. Parents highly value his ability to deliver results, with many trying all means to put their child in his class. Mr Fok’s teaching philosophy goes beyond imparting economics knowledge; he motivates his students to love the subject and teaches them values and life lessons that are valuable beyond graduation. Mr Fok is a friend and mentor to his students and is committed to delivering excellent results as long as students work hard with him.

How does Mr Fok keep students motivated?

Most JC students are self-motivated as they know the stakes are high and that extra effort is required to secure distinctions to qualify for top local and overseas universities. Mr Fok stays in touch with his students regularly, messaging them on a personal level as a friend and lending a listening ear when students need support and encouragement, especially during exam periods.

Does Mr Anthony Fok teach H3/IB Economics?

No, Mr Fok specializes in teaching A-level Economics for H1 and H2 students only.

Does Mr Anthony Fok provide one-on-one tuition, and is group tuition less effective?

No, Mr Fok’s schedule is fully booked for group tuition at his branches in Bishan, Bukit Timah, and Tampines. He believes that his detailed lesson plans and interactive group discussions allow students to gain a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. Unlike other tutors who may lack teaching experience and structured lesson materials, Mr Fok has a proven track record of producing quality results and receiving positive testimonials from former students.

Does Mr Anthony Fok teach at any other locations apart from Bishan, Bukit Timah, and Tampines?

No, Mr Fok only teaches at his branches in Bishan, Bukit Timah, and Tampines.

Is Mr Fok the only teacher?

Yes, all economics tuition lessons are entirely taught by Mr Fok to ensure top-quality lesson delivery. He is a ‘one-man-show” tutor, and all lessons are delivered live.

What happens if Mr Fok is unable to make it for lessons (e.g. reservist or sick)?

If Mr Fok is unable to make it for lessons, there will be no relief teacher. The lesson will be cancelled, and a replacement class will be arranged.

Does Mr Fok offer a trial class?

Due to limited vacancies, JCEconomics.com is unable to offer a trial lesson. However, students who do not benefit from the lessons are free to withdraw from the classes at the end of four lessons.

Does Mr Fok have a “waiting list” of students?

The popular time slots for JC2 Economics classes are usually fully booked by March. Interested students will be placed on a waiting list.

Can students ask their own questions in class?

Definitely! Mr Fok encourages students to ask questions and arrange for a separate consultation on an ad-hoc basis. He also provides his personal mobile number upon registration so that students can text him even after tuition hours to seek help in Economics.

What is Mr Fok’s track record?

The names of students who have scored distinctions are listed annually on the JCEconomics.com website. Mr Fok teaches a large pool of students yearly, and the sample size of students is much larger, as they come from all walks of life and not just the top-branded schools.

Are all the testimonials listed on the website from Mr Fok’s former tuition students?

Yes, all the testimonials listed on the website were written by students from Mr Fok’s Economics

Can you give us an idea of what might appear in this year’s A-level Economics exam? Do you predict questions?

Mr. Anthony Fok emphasizes the importance of adequately revising and covering all topics during tuition classes. He believes that gambling on what might appear on the exam is not a wise approach. As an author of the ten-year-series answers, he is familiar with past examination questions and can advise students on the frequency of specific types of questions and when they were last seen. Mr. Fok also keeps himself up-to-date on the latest exam trends and updates his notes accordingly to benefit his students. However, he emphasizes that there is no way to guarantee what will appear on the exam, and students should not rely solely on predicting questions to succeed.

Can Mr. Anthony Fok guarantee me a distinction?

No genuine tutor can guarantee distinctions. Mr. Fok believes that success is a result of hard work and proper guidance. He emphasizes the importance of students putting in effort and working together with him to achieve their academic goals.

Can Mr. Anthony Fok help me mark the essays I write?

Yes, Mr. Fok offers personal marking services for any extra essays that students choose to write. He provides written feedback to help students improve their work and master the necessary skills for the A-level Economics exam.

Are the books written by Mr. Anthony Fok a replica of the notes given in Economics tuition classes?

No, the books are not a duplication of the notes provided during tuition classes. Instead, they are designed to cater to specific skill sets that students may need to improve on, such as writing evaluation points, drawing diagrams, or scoring well on essays and case studies. Students are encouraged to purchase the books to supplement their learning and improve their weaknesses.

How can the books written by Mr. Anthony Fok help me in my revision?

Mr. Fok has written a series of Economics books specifically for students preparing for the GCE ‘A’ level examination. These books cover a range of topics and skill sets, providing students with additional resources to improve their knowledge and performance. For example, there are books that focus on diagram-drawing, evaluation points, essay and case study writing, and more. Students are encouraged to purchase the books to help them improve their weaknesses and supplement their learning.

Can I buy Mr. Anthony Fok’s Economics notes instead of attending lessons?

No, the notes are not for sale. Mr. Fok believes that the delivery of his lessons is what makes them unique and effective, not just the notes. By attending his tuition classes, students can benefit from his teaching style and interact with him directly to clarify any doubts or questions they may have.

What extra services does Mr. Anthony Fok provide?

Students can access several value-added services from Mr. Anthony Fok, such as staying behind after class to clarify doubts at no additional cost, contacting the tutor through SMS/WhatsApp after tuition hours, and booking ad-hoc appointments for personal consultations. Furthermore, students can request additional notes or revision packages that include model essays and key concepts to revise.

How can Mr. Anthony Fok help students who are weak in Economics?

Economics requires students to develop specific skills such as interpreting examination questions accurately and constructing effective arguments within exam conditions. Students who struggle with case studies may not have enough exposure to real-world context or examples. Therefore, Mr. Fok has crafted special notes that provide students with evaluation and analysis points required for high marks. His notes also summarize the essential knowledge required to write well, including Singapore context, developed countries like the USA and Japan, and developing countries like Vietnam, Brazil, China, and India.

How can Mr. Anthony Fok help students who have weak foundations in JC 1?

On the first lesson, Mr. Anthony Fok will personally guide new students on how to study Economics and provide them with previous lesson materials to help them catch up. JC 2 students with weaker foundations may also benefit from joining JC 1 classes to catch up on foundational topics.

Does Mr Anthony Fok provide crash courses for JC2 students who need last-minute help?

No, Mr Fok does not offer crash courses for JC2 students. However, he conducts intensive revision programs in December for JC1 students who need to catch up on their foundational knowledge.

Does Mr Anthony Fok hold extra classes during the June or December holidays?

Yes, Mr Fok offers additional classes during the June and December holidays. Interested students can refer to the “Intensive Revision Programme” and “Case Study Workshop” links on his website.

Is it too late to join Mr Anthony Fok’s lessons at any point in time?

No, it is never too late to start attending Mr Fok’s lessons as long as the student is willing to work hard. Some students have joined his classes only three months before the A-level exams and still achieved As in Economics. Testimonials from his former students support this claim.

Is 1.5 hours of curriculum time per week enough?

Yes, the syllabus will be completely covered in 1.5 hours of curriculum time per week. Mr Fok’s students have achieved distinctions with this amount of time. The quality of the lessons is more important than the duration.

Which schools do Mr Anthony Fok’s students come from?

Mr Fok’s tuition students come from various colleges in Singapore, and he also teaches private candidates who will take the GCE ‘A’ level exam.

If a student misses their scheduled lesson, can they attend a makeup lesson?

Yes, students who miss their scheduled lesson can attend makeup lessons within the same week by joining other classes. All classes are repeated from Friday to Sunday of the same week.

What is the class size for Mr Anthony Fok’s lessons?

The actual class size may vary due to students attending makeup lessons. However, Mr Fok’s classes are generally large because he is a highly sought-after economics tutor who delivers quality lessons and engages his students effectively. The class size does not affect the quality of his teaching.