What are the operating hours of the center?

The center is only open during lesson hours. If you have any inquiries, please SMS to 8251 3684.

Can I have a personal conversation with Mr. Anthony Fok?

Due to Mr. Anthony Fok’s busy schedule conducting classes, writing books, and attending conferences, he will not be able to chat personally with potential registrants. For inquiries, please contact the administrative staff via SMS.

I attempted to contact your number, but no one is answering the call.

Instead, please send your inquiry via SMS or WhatsApp to 8251 3684.

We have some business proposals for Mr. Anthony Fok. How can we get in touch with him?

Please send a brief business proposal email to admin@jceconomics.com.

We are from the local media. Is it possible for us to interview Mr. Anthony Fok?

Please send an email to admin@jceconomics.com